Follower base details and insights

Get to know your Twitter follower base

Your follower base is composed of potential leads, existing customers, and brand ambassadors (fans). It's time you got the full details of the people and businesses behind your follower count (or your competitor's).

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Extensive details

Follower details

We'll collect the following details from each follower: id, username, name, bio (including urls, mentions and tags), website url, location, verified status, join date, post count, follower count, following count, and anything else we can find.

For your convenience

Export all data

Once we're done collecting all follower details, we'll take the top 100,000 based on their follower count, present them to you in a searchable and sortable table, and provide ways to export all details to CSV and Excel format.

300 followers on the house

Pay what you're worth

Your bottom 300 followers are on us, so if you have 300 or less followers, you won't have to pay a dime. Got more than 300 followers? Check out or very reasonable prices here.